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CNC precision machining is to choose a reasonable processing technology?

CNC precision machining is to choose a reasonable processing technology? In the mechanical parts processing industry, the unreasonable CNC precision processing technology will directly affect the quality. So how to ensure that CNC precision machining is a reasonable choice of processing technology?


1. According to the drawing processing requirements, the finishing and rough machining can be separated, and a proper amount of finishing allowance can be reserved: in order to ensure that the appearance and size of the product meet the standard value, there will be cutter paths on the surface of parts before finishing, so the allowance after rough machining is best guaranteed to be between 0.05mm ~ 0.15mm; the raw materials are different, The processing route will be different. Aluminum material is light and belongs to one of the easy cutting materials. Because of the difference of each programming software, the dialog box will be changed, but the cutting tolerance is an indispensable parameter in programming, and the size of the tolerance also directly affects the accuracy and appearance of the product.


2. In the process of CNC precision machining, optimize the overlap of the advance and retreat tools: after the optimization of the program, although there will be overlaps at the advance and retreat tools, the embossing and receiving tool marks can be eliminated, and the size and appearance can be improved. Selective feed / return: extend the feed / return line, no matter the feed or return is not in contact with the workpiece, so as to make the machining surface more smooth; finally, check the accuracy of the machine tool itself, which needs regular maintenance. Long time use of the platform floor will damage, machine platform will also produce errors.

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