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How to improve the motion performance of guide rail in the process of precision machi

In the process of precision machining, in order to improve the motion performance of air flotation guide, the following three methods can be used. 1. To improve the rigidity of the guide rail in the bearing direction, the closed guide rail is used in the structural design of the guide rail, which can increase the rigidity by 2 times compared with the single side; to reduce the air floating gap; and to increase the sealing force, the gas source should be stabilized and cleaned to reduce the possible vibration factors.


In the air supply circuit, the load compensation mechanism and automatic pressure regulating device shall be designed to make the air flotation clearance change very little, and the pressure spring and roller shall control the air flotation clearance; or the air cushion shall be reasonably arranged to make the automatic balance adjustment, and for the high-precision measuring machine, the air flotation accuracy shall be within 0.001-0.002mm.


2. It can improve the damping force when the guide rail moves. The more holes in the air cushion, the greater the damping force, and the greater the rigidity. If the powder metallurgy porous material is used as the air cushion, and a large area of micro holes are used instead of the small holes to throttle the air cushion, the damping force will be greater. When the machining of precision mechanical parts is allowed, gas-liquid two-phase lubrication can be used, which increases the damping force due to the existence of oil film on the contact surface of guide rail.


3. The structure of semi air floating guide rail can be adopted. The coordinate machine is a combination of air floating guide rail and mechanical guide rail. The advantages of the two kinds of guide rail movement characteristics are used, which not only improves the anti end movement ability, but also keeps the air floating guide rail gap constant, and increases the resistance of the guide rail movement, thus improving the motion performance of the guide rail.


Generally, the machine tool is not suitable for working in the environment of dirty, high temperature and humidity. The power supply environment of the power grid also has higher requirements. The power supply voltage of the machine tool should not be less than ± 10%, and the three-phase should be balanced and stable. Too bad power grid must be equipped with stable voltage power supply. In addition to normal maintenance and lubrication, the machine tool must also be carefully maintained and its various components.

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