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What are the differences and advantages between CNC machine and CNC machine?

CNC centring lathe is generally used for precision parts processed by bar stock. Generally, it has a large quantity. Many parts can be formed by one-time clamping. As long as the machining is designed to bar stock and the diameter is within 32mm, CNC centring CNC lathe has a great advantage in matching the feeding device, because it is equivalent to a small independent production line, no matter the processing speed or the person The advantages of labor cost are obvious.


What's the difference between CNC machine and CNC machine? Generally speaking, it can be understood that the CNC machine is the material moving, while the CNC machine is the knife moving.


CNC machine used to be called slitting lathe in China. It mainly deals with the processing of small parts and large quantities. Generally, the feeding device passes the bar through Zhuzhou through the hole, and the spring head automatically clamps. If the part is overhanging, it needs to be equipped with a tip. If the tail of the product needs to be processed, a second spindle is also required. If it is necessary to process four and six equally divided holes, it is required to be equipped with a power cutter base and spindle indexing.


CNC core walkers are mainly limited by the diameter of materials. Generally, the diameter of CNC core walkers is relatively small. At present, CNC core walkers with larger diameter can only process materials within 46mm diameter. However, as long as the parts are processed by CNC CNC machine, their processing accuracy, processing speed and cutter machine are difficult to match. The main advantages include:


1. The one-time clamping and non-stop spindle can turn parts with a length of more than 200 mm. If the user needs parts with a length of 5 mm, the machine can turn 20-30 parts at one time before stopping and feeding;


2. When the centerless CNC lathe is cutting, it is always in the fixed position of the material, so its rigidity will be very good. You can imagine that when the chuck of our lathe holds the material, the cutter will be turned close to the fixed point for several millimeters, and its rigidity will be better;


3. CNC centerwalkers have the function of turning and milling, and the one-time machining of complex workpiece is not comparable to the cutter walkers.

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