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Discussion on the influence of ultra precision CNC machining technology

Ultra precision CNC machining technology has significant economic benefits, social benefits and market demand prospects: ultra precision machine tool is the carrier of high-level CNC machining technology, with high development cost, long cycle and high value of each machine. If it can replace the import of an ultra precision machine tool, it will save millions of dollars; if the value of its annual machining creation is calculated, the economic benefits are significant.


Ultra precision CNC machine tool is an indispensable equipment for the development of national defense cutting-edge and high-tech products. It has always been regarded as a strategic material by some powerful family property countries and is banned for export. If China does not develop its own machine tool, it is difficult to buy it if necessary, so the social benefits are great.


With the development of science and technology and people's economy, the demand for ultra precision machining technology is becoming more and more superior, and the market is expanding. Its application is not limited to the cutting-edge of national defense and aerospace, but has expanded to various boundaries. Its application scale and demand are larger, so the market demand prospect is optimistic. The detailed analysis is as follows.


The use of CNC processing is becoming mediocre and the market demand is expanding. The boundary of ultra precision CNC processing technology is becoming more and more mediocre, which is used in the boundary of high-tech technology, military property and civil property. Therefore, it is an indispensable skill for the development of high and new technology and products.

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