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Automotive precision machining, future growth trend change

Automobile precision machining is the core business of many machining factories. In particular, the emergence of new energy vehicles, so that this kind of parts processing orders strong demand. However, in the first half of this year, a series of external factors, such as the launch of new energy subsidy policy and the auto ignition event in teras, led to a further slowdown in the growth of orders of new energy automobile enterprises and processing enterprises.


In this situation, the second half of the year is undoubtedly more challenging than the first half of the year, whether it is a new energy vehicle enterprise or a mechanical parts processing plant providing services. At the beginning of the year, many automotive precision parts processing suppliers had optimistic estimates of the annual orders, but after the extremely difficult first half of the year, now they have an objective understanding of the automotive parts processing market.


The market is always right! At the beginning of the year, due to the "high growth stage" of automobile precision parts processing orders, most of the mechanical parts processing factories began to increase investment in production lines, so they are optimistic about the annual goal. Whether there is a black swan event in the field of new energy vehicles or not, it will be a big challenge for their spare parts processing suppliers to achieve the annual goal.

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