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How to deal with the fire of titanium alloy in CNC machining?

The medical industry may be familiar with the properties of titanium alloy, but other industries, such as military industry, also use titanium alloy materials. In addition to selecting the appropriate cutting oil, it is necessary to install oil mist collector. Moreover, titanium alloy material is sticky and easy to entangle slag. It is generally recommended that customers install high-pressure oil pump and oil mist collector, but some bosses think these auxiliary devices are not important in order to save money, and the safety awareness of Chinese people is still relatively weak.


After discussing with many teachers in the field of computer processing, we have sorted out several precautions and preparatory measures to prevent fire in CNC processing for your reference


1. The residue should be removed frequently in CNC processing;


2. In order to ensure that the flow of cutting fluid is large enough, it is difficult to control the flow of cutting fluid when it is sprayed on the tool tip accurately during CNC machining;


3. Machine tools are equipped with foam fire extinguishers (dry dust properties do not work).


4. Store fine sand and water near CNC machine tools.

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