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Some methods to improve the machining efficiency of precision parts

In the process of precision parts processing of non-standard equipment, there are some common problems, such as the accelerated wear of cutting tools, the poor integrity of processing surface, and the difficulty of chip removal, which seriously affect the quality, production cycle and processing cost of precision parts processing with such information. According to the theory of metal skills, metal cutting and non-standard equipment parts processing, the difficulties of the above materials processing are analyzed, and a set of effective drilling, reaming and boring processing skills of stainless steel materials is explored.


China's machinery manufacturing industry is bound by skills and talents, so it is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and the United States in skills innovation and commodity research and development. However, with the influx of foreign capital and the intensification of work competitions, the domestic precision machinery parts processing work has increased investment in independent development, and has achieved infinite results, especially in the aspect of digital display skills and digital hardware measuring products, the mechanical measuring instrument manufacturing company has completed the breakthrough.


For example, the 2-meter CNC gear measuring instrument that has been successfully developed in China has become a precise measuring instrument with great competition strength in the world. Other by virtue of external force, also to the domestic machining companies have excellent assistance in skills. First, most of the domestic non-standard equipment parts processing companies have introduced many foreign large brand precision machining equipment. The center is equipped with equipment imported from Japan and Germany. With the help of external forces, the accuracy and quality of products processed by non-standard equipment parts are also greatly promoted.

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