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What are the methods of CNC machining technology for aluminum alloy?

Methods of CNC machining of aluminum alloy:


1、 Die cold pressing is a special finish rolling die. By strictly controlling the limited cold forming, the residual stress of complex aluminum alloy forgings is eliminated. At the end of the die, press down to finish punching, which is embedded in the end face and edge (frame) of the slope of the figure, to release the residual stress in some parts of the aluminum alloy die forging, and to increase the residual stress in other parts;


2、 Mechanical drawing is to apply a certain amount of permanent tensile plastic deformation in the rolling direction of the quenched aluminum alloy plate, so that the tensile stress and the original quenched residual stress superimposed plastic deformation, so that the residual stress can be relieved and released;


3、 Eliminating aging is the traditional method to reduce the quenching residual stress. Because aluminum alloy, especially aviation aluminum alloy, is very sensitive to temperature, the strength index will decrease with the increase of aging temperature. The aging treatment after quenching is usually carried out at a lower temperature, which affects the effect of stress relief;

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